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Product Description

We will remanufacture your Perkins 4.108 engine

In the pictures you will see the final product and then the original engine before manufacturing.

Engine pictures are only an example of the Perkins 4.108 engine. Your actual application may look similar but not exact. Please use as reference only.

You are purchasing an R & R service (Remanufacture & Return) of your original engine.
You will remove your Perkins 4.108 diesel engine from your vessel as a complete assembly.
We will arrange with you to pick up your engine from you once you have it secured on a 48 x48x40 pallet and drained of all fluids.
We will remanufacture the engine and complete fuel system. Misc. accessory components are not remanufactured, but will be used to Dyno test the engine after the building process.
We document how the engine comes in like above in the pictures and once the remanufacturing is complete.
If there are any components that are not rebuildable we will notify you of any changes in the cost because of these components.
Building this engine typically takes 2 weeks time depending on location.


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