6.0 Powerstroke Engine

6.0L PowerStroke Engine

The 6.0L PowerStroke Engine & the 7.3L PowerStroke engine were both offered for the 2003 model year in Ford F-Series Pickups. The 6.0L Powerstroke engine taking over the whole product line in 2004 for the Ford F-Series Pickups (03-07) & Ford E-Series Super Duty till 2010 model years. The 6.0L PowerStroke engine offered increased horsepower over the older workhorse the 7.3-L.  The 6.0L PowerStroke engines utilized a ECM (Engine Control Module) and a FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module) to control the engine and injectors which was different from the previous generations having an PCM (Powertrain Control Module) & IDM (Injector Drive Module). With the additional of the FICM and a VGT (Variable-Geometry Turbo) they were able to produce up to 325HP.

The 6.0L PowerStroke engine however was not without it’s woes and was less reliable than the popular 7.3L. Some 6.0L PowerStroke engine owners were tired of the issues they had so they sought out going back to the 7.3-L engine or Cummins engines. They found it easy since it was released at the same time to go back to the 7.3L engine and all the components to do the swap were readily available. The 6.0L PowerStroke engine owners that went to the Cummins engines had there work cut out for them though and had to find ways to make it work. The company Diesel Conversion Specialists emerged making kits to make the swap for all the Cummins 6B and ISB engines easier and painless.

6.0L PowerStroke Engine 

Despite, the number of problems, the 6.0L Power Stroke engine has proven to be reliable once the initial kinks are worked out. The problem causing components are replaced with updated versions and they can then be a dependable fleet vehicle or daily driver. The EGR Cooler was one of the problematic components that need to be replaced frequently or else it caused catastrophic engine failure. Bulletproof Diesel in Arizona devised a Stainless Steel Straight Flow Through design that never needed to be replaced for the 6.0-L PowerStroke Engine. ARP released special head studs instead of head bolts to alleviate the issues with the cylinder heads blowing gaskets. The issues were most likely caused by the faulty EGR Coolers though. The 6.0L Power Stroke engine continued outselling for Ford in the light duty diesel market. The 6.0 PowerStroke Engine was last offered in the 2007 model year. The 2005-2007 6.0L PowerStroke engines were the least problematic of the engine years, however most performance people liked the earlier less emissions equipped vehicles.


Bare Long block

New cylinder head “untimed”, crank, block & all internals new. Balance gasket set included.

Complete long block

New “Timed” Cylinder Head with camshaft, cam followers and timing gears, water pump, oil pump, oil cooler, front cover and rear cover.

Drop-In engine assembly

This engine will generally include the block, heads, valve covers, oil pump and pan, timing cover, rear cover, fuel injection pump with injectors, turbo, intake manifold, water pump, exhaust manifolds, and oil cooler. (Some of these components may not be included with particular engines or applications based on engine type.) Our engines do not include belts, hoses, sending units, air compressors, flywheel, fan blade, remote oil coolers, starter, alternator or any special drive units. The engine will be dyno tested checking horsepower, RPM and oil pressure. All phases of the governor, valve train and fuel injection system will be adjusted to OEM specifications.